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Employee monitoring software

employee management software


From 2,200INR


Product description

  • Monitor every system independently of your Lab.
  • Stores series of screenshots and an activity log.
  • Monitor configuration of each system of entire lab independently.
  • Screenshots recorded on all network computers can be stored in a single centralized location on the main computer.
  • View what documents employee open and save.
  • Track files they download from Internet, upload or attach to emails.
  • Monitor selected folders that contain sensitive files
  • Track possible file theft by employees on USB flash drives or external HDD's
  • No files on a hard drive, no processes in Task Manager or services in Windows are visible to monitored users
  • No icons on the desktop or Start menu, no windows displayed
  • You can invisibly monitor employee computers of even advanced users such as IT staff, developers or system administrators
  • Total control over the networked computers. Start or terminate remote processes, run commands, copy files from remote systems. You may even turn the computer off or restart it, not to mention logging off the current user.

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